The Carnival Nest Foundation of Investigation



Carnival Nest: Clients

The CNFI handles functionality in being a client-based investigations/informations service. Clients are specifically guided to the contacts page, where they can reach out to have their situation addressed. For documentation purposes, clients should be aware that their cases will either be archived as ver-active or don-active. These two separate between situations that are either actively developing at the time of request or have little self-perpetuating activity.




Sometimes, a client may request a member of the CNFI. It is expected that this request be made explicit during consultation and that the member requested gives approval. If these are not simultaneously met, then the client may be disregarded entirely and punishment may be in order for the member involved.



Handling Complaints

Clients are largely encouraged to report any dissatisfaction they have. The best way to do this is to directly send an email that is comprehensive in any complaint. Other than this, any instance being filtered through may also do well in emergent circumstance. Clients should be aware that in an act of reporting, specific CNFI members mentioned may be questioned and punished to degrees that may not be compliant with desired request as for the best interest of both internal stability and to the courtesy of other clients in the future.