The Carnival Nest Foundation of Investigation



Feb 24, 2022 | New 80/20 Approach

For purposes of optimizing workload, the CNFI has begun experimenting with implementations of the Pareto Principle



Oct 27, 2021 | New Website Layout, Help document, and pages

Throughout the past month, an update for the website's design has been worked on that's starting to be implemented. Along with this comes a few new webpages with more in depth information and a help document with an overview of CNFI functions, purposes, and guidelines.



Sep 17, 2021 | New Discord server

A new Discord server has been made to replace the old one. The old server will only serve as an archive and will directly link to the new server.



Sep 16, 2021 | ALERT: Issues with Discord server

The current owner of the Discord instance of the CNFI, Sanguinne, has experienced an account disabling that could result in significant changes to the CNFI in the future.



Sep 11, 2021 | Significant updates to contacts page

Over the next few days, the contacts page is being expanded with more options for potential clients and members.



Sep 7, 2021 | New Website is here!

After months of mostly theoretical work, we finally have a website on Neocities. However, plans are already being made to eventually host independently.